ADD electric power
to your semis.

No retrofits.

No upfront costs.

Go Electric.

How Revoy operates
Pull up at a Revoy swap station. 

Revoy electric vehicles instantly convert your diesel truck into a hybrid. 

Get connected

Attach to your fifth wheel automatically. Swap at the next station for a fresh battery.

Drive and let the savings begin.

Share Revoy EVs based on subscription tier for immediate savings, without the risk.

Cost savings

your fleet instantly.

It’s hard to justify the price tag of new electric semis. Instantly convert any of the trucks you already have and get immediate fuel and emissions savings. No retrofits required.
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AVG per truck saved annually
better fuel efficiency
Instant Swapping

without downtime.

You can’t afford the downtime of waiting for batteries to recharge. Swap your depleted Revoy EV instantly at fueling stations with another.
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5 min
charge time via swap
faster than traditional EV charging
Improved experience

road safety.

Don’t take driver turnover and preventable accidents for granted. Give your drivers a safer and more easily controlled vehicle
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shorter stopping distance

Shift savings into overdrive.

Savings calculator

target resolved.

Sustainability mandates keep coming. Meet them head on with instant emissions reductions that don’t break the bank or require retrofits for your existing fleet.

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