Go electric
on your own terms.

Know the status of your Revoy.

Interface with your Revoy electric vehicle using the mobile app. Know exactly how much range is left, if anyone is in your blindspots, and other vital information.

Drive safely under any road conditions.

Navigate every situation more safely with advanced safety features built into every vehicle.

Manage adverse conditions
Prevent rollovers, flipping in wind, and jackknifing on ice with intelligent auto-corrections from the electric vehicle.
Reduce stopping distance
Stop faster with an extra set of brakes. Automatically engage more braking power when driving down mountains.
Minimize blindspots
See more with blind spot detection and situational awareness from a series of sensors. Receive alerts through the mobile app.
Correct reversing
Adjust reversing automatically using intelligent computing and situational awareness for successful reverses every time. 

Ready and certified
for US roads.

Made in the USA
FMVSS compliant
Compliant with all length and weight (bridge and GVW) regulations

Committed to a comfortable ride.

More than a basic swapping station, Revoy truck stops feature amenities drivers will love.

Free coffee
Clean bathrooms
Popular snacks
Driver lounge

Cover your major shipping lanes.

Get a Revoy EV when you need one along major shipping routes. Plan your route and reserve one for yourself so it’s there and fully charged when you arrive.

Calculate your savings

Go electric painlessly.

Whether it’s from shippers who need to decarbonize, or from upcoming government regulations, you’re under pressure to reduce emissions. We help you do it without the upfront cost or hassle.
Calculate My Savings
Reduce your emissions.
mpg fuel efficiency
emissions reduction

Meet government regulations head on.

Haul freight on your own terms.


Optimize your fleet operations.

Owner Operators

Tap into your earning potential.


Optimize your fleet operations.